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So what can I do with this thing?

How to get around

The new mobile version of the FCS Staff Directory works almost the same on the desktop, on a cell phone, or on a pad or laptop. If you have a touch screen device, you should be able to “touch” your way around the pages, search for a name or worker number, make a call or send an email.

To make getting around The Directory easier, you have a number of options:

The Logo

The FCS Staff Directory logo

Always use the logo at the top-left of EVERY page to return to the home screen.


You can search this Directory using our Google Search Bar. Your results will always be based on information within our Directory, NOT from the Internet.

For example: if you search for Medina, you will just get every Medina listed within our pages, but not every Medina on the Internet.

Search for Medina

The results to your search will appear just beneath the search box. You can then click on any of the pages listed to visit that page.

Search results window

For best SEARCH results, use a short search string; a name (last or first – whichever is more unique) or unit number.

Unit Numbers are the ideal search string.

Our search is restricted to the pages in our directory, but when a name appears in more than one page (such as a Manager’s name), the results will present a list of the various pages in which that name is included.

Warning: In some cases it may take a day or two for recent changes and updates to show up in a SEARCH, though I’ve only come across that quirk once. That means that if a page is updated on a Monday, the Search may not reflect this change until Wednesday, or later.

Parts of this tutorial have been temporarily removed

The Local Nav Bar

The Global Nav Bar

The Section MENU pages

The List Pages

What if I notice a mistake?

If you come across an incorrectly spelled name, a bad phone number, a non-working email, or any other error, you’re asked to please report it immediately to