San Francisco
Human Services Agency
Family and Children's Services

General Administration

A100 Vacant Deputy Director n/a
A10X Vacant Mgmt Assistant n/a

Early Intervention

H000 Julie Lenhardt Prog Director 558-2369
H100 Patricia Rudden Prog Manager 557-5799
H00X Yolanda Carter Mgmt Assistant 557-5707

Family Services

K000 Jessica Mateu-Newsome Prog Director 557-5179
K100 Pamela Connie Prog Mangr 557-5521
K00X Valerie Tieu Mgmt Assistant 557-6123


J000 Sophia Isom Prog Director 558-2329
J100 Angela Ramos Prog Manager 557-5629
J00X Jillian Perillo Mgmt Assistant 557-5562

Program Development

B000 Barrett Johnson Prog Director 557-5379
B001 Patrick Kramer Mgmt Assistant 557-5406
B002 Vacant Implementation n/a

B100 Christiane Medina Prog Manager 558-2659
B240 Juliet Halverson Prog Manager 557-5146
B300 Maggie Donahue Sr. Prog Manager 557-5279
B400 Robin Love Prog Manager 557-6228
B500 Elizabeth Crudo Prog Manager 557-6502
B600 Melissa Connelly Prog Manager 557-5678

South East Community SVCS

5000 Tracy Burris Prog Director 401-4420
5100 Nikon Guffey Prog Manager 401-4339
500X Alejandro Salcido Mgmt Assistant 401-4342

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